Breaking News in Iraq – Jan 25

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A car bomb exploded today in a [tag]Baghdad[/tag] market killing 28 – The Courier Mail

BOMBS killed at least 28 people in Baghdad overnight, but Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed his new crackdown in the city would leave militants nowhere to hide.

In a speech to parliament, Mr Maliki urged politicians on all sides to support his security plan, backed by some 17,000 US reinforcements, which is seen by many as a last chance to stem sectarian violence in the capital.

“There will be no safe haven – no school, no home, no (Sunni) mosque or Shiite mosque. They will all be raided if they are turned into a launchpad for terrorism, even the headquarters of political parties,” he said.

A car bomb ripped through a shopping district in Karrada in central Baghdad, killing 20 people and wounding another 20, a police source said.

Another car bomb and a motorbike bomb exploded in other markets, killing five people, while a roadside bomb killed three, police said. Earlier this week a double bombing at a market killed at least 88 people in central Baghdad.

The [tag]Green Zone[/tag] has also been attacked

Two rockets landed in the heavily fortified Green Zone housing the government and embassies, provoking loudspeaker warnings to for people to take cover. The US military had no immediate information on casualties.

Reuters reports:

A car bomb, that killed at least two people, and two other explosions shook central Baghdad on Thursday, sparking alarms and warnings in the international Green Zone for people to take cover.

The first two blasts, just minutes apart, appeared to be mortar rounds or rockets and black smoke was seen rising from the area of the Green Zone. The third loud blast came about 20 minutes later and was followed by bursts of gunfire

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