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Date Put forth on September 26, 2008 by XicanoPwr
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There has been a lot of talk about immigrants cleaning up Houston. Ask Kevin Johnson from ImmigrationProf Blog points out as Houston/Galveston area rebuilds in the wake of Hurricane Ike, people are calling on FEMA, not the federal agency, but “Find Every Mexican Available.” (h/t to symsess of Citizen Orange)

Therefore, for this weekends video is Chingo Bling’s “Like This N Like That” because in his lyrics he mentions how Latinos were used to clean up Katrina, but this time around it is Ike. This is to you mi gente who seem to be blamed for everything under the sun. However, like I said, at the end of the day, it is the immigrant community who will be cleaning up after Ike and as Texano78704 mentioned in my comment section:

Every morning this week they have been lining up outside the Chase Tower in downtown Houston for clean up detail. Didn’t see anyone protesting against them…

The potential impact of a Latino voting bloc is particularly high this election season, especially here in Texas. I urge todo mi gente here in Texas to go out and register to vote, lets show that we can change Texas blue.

Chingo Bling – Like This N Like That
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  1. Gravatar Icon VC Oct 1st, 2008 at 1:08 am

    “Find Every Mexican Available”


    That was Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

    He got a good laugh out of it too.

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