Castro is Progressively Recovering Slowly

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Venezuelan President [tag]Hugo Chávez[/tag] has reported that his close friend and ally Cuban President [tag]Fidel Castro[/tag] is “fighting for his life,” however, Cuban doctors are expecting him to make a “slow but progressive” recovery. They say it is not surprising for a man his age to recover from a major surgery like his. Cuban doctor, […]

Hugo Chavez “Devil” Speech

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It seems that asked Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has made the US news for his speech at the 61st United Nations General Assembly. So after Chávez delivered his speech there has been a growing number of stories on the news that portrays President Chávez as a bitter man with “an axe to grind” with nothing […]

President Hugo Chavez Denounces Felipe Calderon

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In a CNN Espanol interview, Hugo Chávez denounces Felipe Calderón and explains why. El Universal El presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, reiteró que en su gobierno “no reconocemos al presidente electo de México”, donde dijo que existe “una derecha desesperada que recurre a distintas artimañas”, aunque “difícilmente puede cantar victoria”. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, stated […]