XP’s DNC Coverage Not Over

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You probably don’t want to hear anymore about DNC just about now with all the coverage from the blogs and the traditional media coverage, however, I was so busy covering events that I barely had a chance to actually report on what on what I attended. As an example, I only just finished the rough […]

Denver Day Two: Not So Strange Anymore

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I was hoping to up date everything I did yesterday, but it is impossible because there is just too much to write on. It feels like information overload. So I have decided I will wait and write a big post when of everything I did, which I plan to include pictures. I will write on […]

DSCC Your Still On Notice

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A couple of weeks ago, I put Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on notice for a 35-second Internet video ad comparing undocumented immigrants crossing the border with bazooka-toting terrorists and Osama bin Laden. DSCC quickly took the ad off the website after Hispanics blasted the Democratic Party for their hypocrisy. […]