R’uh R’oh: XP’s Gmail Blues

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Hmmm……my Gmail account is experiencing errors?!? Is it time for me to put on that tin foil hat? Inquiring minds want know.

Blood in the dust: Border Patrol agent guns down immigrant…

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Warning; Viewer Discretion Advised. Graphic images may be disturbing to some viewers. The surveillance video obtained by the Union-Tribune does show the actual footage of the shooting from the surveillance video that was leaked of the deadly shooting of [tag]Ramiro Gamez Acosta[/tag], an immigrant, by a [tag]Border Patrol[/tag] agent. Acosta, 20, was blasted in the […]

Blogger and I are parting ways

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I was tired of playing guessing games with Blogger. Therefore, I have decided to pack my bags and say adios to Blogger. I have moved on and looking forward to a new journey over at my to my new place over at xicanopwr.com. For the folks at Google, if you happen to be data mining, […]