Samuel Freeman: Mr. President, We Have Shed Enough Tears

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Mr. President, We Have Shed Enough Tears By Samuel Freeman On Wednesday, 10 February, Pfc. Adriana Alvarez of San Benito died of a gunshot wound in Baghdad, Iraq. The exact circumstances of her death remain unclear, so we do not know whether her death is combat related. Pfc. Alvarez enlisted in the military at age […]

The Reality of Peace On Earth

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What is on your Christmas list? In a recent ABC News poll in which they asked people, “If you could have your choice, what one present would you most like to have for Christmas?” the answers provided gives great insight to the American psyche. Forget peace and happiness because most Americans wanted either a car […]

Breaking News in Iraq – Jan 25

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A car bomb exploded today in a [tag]Baghdad[/tag] market killing 28 – The Courier Mail BOMBS killed at least 28 people in Baghdad overnight, but Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed his new crackdown in the city would leave militants nowhere to hide. In a speech to parliament, Mr Maliki urged politicians on all sides […]