Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer returns

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Going through my email, I saw the very sad news about [tag]John Edwards[/tag]’ wife Elizabeth. Mrs. Edwards’ [tag]breast cancer[/tag] has metastasized to her ribs. In a joint press conference, John and [tag]Elizabeth Edwards[/tag] announced, that they will continue the campaign despite Mrs. Edwards’ illness. CNN reports: “The campaign goes on,” the former senator from North […]

Blogging Crisis is Over, Nothing to See Here

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It looked like there was [tag]blogging[/tag] crisis brewing down at Presidential hopeful [tag]John Edwards[/tag] campaign. It seems that some [tag]bloggerheads[/tag] (Nez coined that one) and some Opus Dei christofascists had problems with Edwards’ two new bloggers he recently hired to wag the blog (another coined word by Nez). They were bloggers, Amanda Marcotte or Pandagon […]

Tomorrow Begins Today, John Edwards Will Run for President

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[tag]John Edwards[/tag] is officially running for [tag]president[/tag] of the United States. From what I have seen, Edwards like Al Gore has made a major change from their [tag]neo-liberal ideology[/tag]. For one, Edwards has admitted it was a mistake to support the invasion of Iraq, something he did not admit when we was running for vice […]