Last Week in Latino History: LULAC formed in Corpus Christi

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Last week Feb 17, 1929, during the height of the nativist movement, three pioneering Latino civil rights organizations met at Obreros Hall in Corpus Christi, Texas and agreed to merge to form the League of United Latin American Citizens. The emergency of LULAC came at a particular history of South Texas when Hispanics were forced […]

Could the Republican Party Win Back the Latino Vote

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Recently, political pundits have been asking if the Republican party lost the Latino vote. It is hard to deny that the Latino electorate has become a coveted political force. Between 2000 and 2004 George W. Bush increased his support from the Hispanic population by 7.8 percentage points. In the same period, the Republicans only received […]

Courting The Latino Vote

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In recent years, at the start of each new election cycle, the political cliché describing the Latino/a population is the “sleeping giant.” If awakened, it would have a profound impact on America’s political and social landscape. The Latino voting community has recently emerged as a critical political force in American presidential elections. Except for Cuban-Americans […]